Dan Pfeiffer works for me – His performance review will not go well…

31 12 2009

Here is a blog on the White House web site written by White House Communications Director, Dan Pfeiffer. Yes, your tax dollars are going to pay a White House director to blog his political opinion – telling you that you are a stupid American and that you need to quit disagreeing with the socialist administration’s plans. Just get in line… and do as you are told!

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Reality Check: For Opponents, It Was Never About the Bill
Posted by Dan Pfeiffer on December 24, 2009 at 12:50 PM EST

Today’s Republican talking point of the day is that the historic health reform bill passed today represents the first major piece of social legislation to be passed without a single vote from across the aisle.  Well that may be true. But it’s not a commentary on this bill. It’s a commentary on the Republican Party, whose leaders made a determination that they were going to put party over progress. That’s never happened before when the nation took on big challenges.

President Obama made it clear from the very beginning of this process that he wanted to work with members of both parties to craft the best bill possible. He even kicked off his efforts by inviting stakeholders from across the political spectrum to the White House to share ideas.  Contrary to what one Republican Senator said today, Democrats did not “do the HELP Committee bill completely Democrat” without “even ask[ing] one Republican opinion.” In fact, they accepted more than 150 Republican amendments.

In putting together the Finance Committee bill, Senator Baucus held months of bipartisan discussions. The Committee held a day-long bipartisan health care summit, convened three bipartisan roundtables, and even issued three bipartisan policy papers laying out the options from which the Committee chose to craft its bill.  Once the bill hit the Senate floor, Republicans passed up the chance to offer constructive amendments. Instead they chose to obstruct votes and offer six separate motions to essentially start from scratch.

The sad truth is that Congressional Republican leaders decided early on that their best move was to “delay, define, and derail” reform – not to find common ground on a bill both parties could support. They made clear their hopes that health insurance reform would be President Obama’s “Waterloo” and that it would “break him” politically.  In the process, they lost sight of the fact that this was never about President Obama – it was about the families struggling to keep up with skyrocketing premiums; the small businesses forced to choose covering employees and staying afloat; the 15,000 Americans who lost insurance every day this year. Today’s vote was a victory for them.

Response from “Jack’s Political Pontification

For cryin out loud, what a crock! How did Dan get this job. He’s terrible at it! He’s not even a clever liar. The BS meter starts emitting smoke when Dan gets started. For example, Dan says “But it’s not a commentary on this bill.” – BS. How could it be anything else. It is the various versions of this bill that have made the majority of Americans wake up nauseated every day for the past six months. Dan says “In fact, they accepted more than 150 Republican amendments.” – BS The only amendments not rejected were the ones required to buy Democratic votes AND, by the way, the alternative Republican house bill was never even debated.

Dan said – “Once the bill hit the Senate floor, Republicans passed up the chance to offer constructive amendments. Instead they chose to obstruct votes and offer six separate motions to essentially start from scratch.” – BS, Dan. By the time the bill hit the Senate floor, it was a full speed unstoppable crap loaded freight train with the worlds foremost political weasel at the controls. (my apologies to Nancy, The Wicked Witch of the West for putting her #2) The only amendments that Dirty Harry was going to entertain were those required to buy off Democrats Nelson, Landrieu, etc. This bull, uh, I mean bill needed to be scraped and re-done. Let’s face it, this piece of ca-ca is a disaster that is unconstitutional on multiple fronts. (Is Harry really arrogant enough to think the HE can write into a bill that it “CANNOT BE REPEALED-Good Grief!!!) The Republicans tried to stop it on behalf of the vast majority of the American people but corrupt power politics won the day.

Dan said, “this was never about President Obama – it was about the families struggling to keep up with skyrocketing premiums; Today’s vote was a victory for them.” BS, Dan. I’m one of those families and this was without a doubt the biggest defeat of my American “civic” life. It’s a defeat for American Freedom! IT WILL BE A DEFEAT FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IN THE 2010 & 2012 elections.

Dan, help me keep my dinner down – shut up

ps. O MUST GO! (and so do Specter, Collins and Snowe)


The good ol’ boys allow Clown Franken to join the club

19 11 2009


Sens. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., left, Clown Franken, D-Minn., Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., Mark Begich, D-Alaska, Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., yucking it up over their latest opportunity to shaft the American people while playing the “let’s get re-elected and line our pockets with campaign contributions” game. The joke (and their dirty little secret) is that their constituents are generally ignorant of the fact that whatever campaign funds are left unspent at the end of an election are transferred straight into the candidate’s private checking account. And since there are so many special interest groups requesting new forms of legalized plunder and confiscation, well, the legalized bribes just continue to roll in like waters — and graft like a mighty stream. And since incumbency is so powerful, there is no need to spend much money to get re-elected, which, of course means… more money for the personal checking account! Yes my friends, that’s why being a Senator is an automatic road to filthy riches. But this doesn’t prevent our fine “public servants” from vilifing those “wealthy capitalist” who earned their money the hard way… And why not? This popular strategy is guaranteed to shore up the poor and middle class voters… which further assures one of re-election without spending that campaign war chest… to transfer more leftover campaign funds into one’s personal checking account… to vote with one’s special interest contributors… to attract more contributions… to transfer more leftover campaign funds into one’s personal checking account. (To quote that great singer/philosopher Cher – “And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on!”) Of course, when you’ve been a Senator for a long time and your duplicity is finally exposed and you are kicked out of office by the voters – not to worry, there is big money in lobbying (becoming the special interest) WHAT A FREAKING RACKET! I wonder if term limits would wipe those corrupt little grins off their corrupt little faces? My apologies to Franken – they’re all clowns! (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

ps. O MUST GO! (and so do Specter, Collins and Snowe)

A Village in Illinois is missing their Idiot

12 11 2009

I’m having a tough time reconciling the view that Barack Obama is really “smart” with evidence to the contrary that keeps slapping me in the face. I think the answer is starting gel in my mind. Since George W. Bush’s inability to speak coherently prompted the ubiquitous bumper sticker… “A village in Texas is missing their idiot”, it must be Obama’s ability to read a hired speechwriter’s words off a teleprompter with a lilt in his voice that has earned him this smart reputation. But, is this an appropriate yardstick? After all, because of a medical disability Dr. Stephen Hawking can’t speak at all. Have you ever seen a bumper sticker declaring that “The Village of Cambridge is missing their idiot?” I think not. So let’s reset the yardstick… Let’s do a little “smart check” based on the observable evidence.

• Obama seems to be clueless about basic economics. He doesn’t seem to understand that bankrupting a nation is not a wise strategy for the citizens of that nation. After running up deficits to vulgar and unsustainable levels, he goes on TV and admonishes Americans who are already drowning in consumer debt to borrow more and spend more. Then he goes to the G-20 summit and admonishes the Chinese to encourage their citizens to borrow more and spend more. “Come on China, get in on the misery!” Now, that’s advice Dave Ramsey would be just plumb proud of. By the way, at the same G-20 summit Barry said (and I quote), “at home, back in the states, our efforts began with an approach that Secretary Geitnar proposed last week. the strongest regulatory reform that any nation has proposed so far.” Wouldn’t an intelligent person ask the question, “Why has no other nation tried the approach of regulating their businesses into the ground?” I think a truly smart person would run a few “What-if” models before killing the competitiveness of its wealth creating machine while hoping its consumers will borrow and spend enough to mask the mess. I’m just sayin’.

• Basic logic and middle school history text books will tell you that socialism is not a successful long-term strategy. Human beings are incented to achieve by the incentive to achieve. Take away the incentive to achieve and there is no incentive to achieve. That’s not even A=B deductive logic. That’s A=A. Barry doesn’t seem to get this.

• A cursory review of the Soviet Union, Cuba, France, Germany and China will show even a half-wit that redistribution of wealth kills wealth. Barry doesn’t seem to get this. (see the incentive to achieve discussion above)

• Barry taught constitutional law at Harvard, and then dismisses the constitution in his book “Audacity of Hope” as an out of date document that the founders really didn’t mean in the first place. I guess he’s smart enough to ignore the document that is mostly responsible for the greatness of America. That’s a smart move, right?

• When a self-proclaimed Muslim Jihadist shoots up an army base while yelling “Allah is Great” in Arabic (after contacting Al Qaeda and distributing copies of the Koran to his neighbors), a person with average intelligence might make a jihad connection. Not Barry. How smart is that?

• Military professionals win wars. Politicians lose wars. Contrast World War II with Viet Nam. General Eisenhower-1 / Politician Hitler-0. Lt. General Van Tien Dung-1 / Politicians U.S. Congress-0.

Abraham Lincoln was a pretty smart guy, right? He got it. This is what politician Abe said about his military man… “If I knew what brand of whiskey he [General Grant] drinks, I would send a barrel or so to some other generals!

Barry waits three months to decide if he’ll listen to his General on the ground while U.S. soldiers are perishing in Afghanistan because he is worried about what Nancy (the Wicked Witch of the West) Pelosi might think. Does he get it? (at the writing of this blog on 11/13/2009 Barry still could not make a decision and was well into his fourth month of ignoring the flag draped coffins caused by his indecision – in fact, he told us yesterday that he wouldn’t make a decision until he returns from his pending swing through Asia) Is he just not smart enough to make a decision or does he actually want us to lose in Afghanistan so the Islamist will like us more.

And speaking of Islamist, a cursory review of radical islamic belief will reveal to any cogent thinker that inflicting death on infidels is the goal of every radical muslim and committing suicide in the process is even better. With this little piece of information in hand, what intelligent person would assume that “If we will be nicer to Iran, they will be nicer to us.” Is he serious?

• If you’re looking to add jobs to your economy, would a smart person take its number one job creating engine (small and medium size businesses) and saddle them with onerous regulation, higher taxes and mandates to provide more benefits to their employees. That’s Barry’s strategy.

• Barry sits in a church pew for 20 years listening to his Pastor spew hatred and then says he didn’t hear much of it and what he did hear he didn’t agree with. Yet he still sat there in the front pew for 20 years. Yea, that’s pretty smart.

• Barry appoints a pedophile supporter as an education czar for our children. Is that smart?

• Barry appoints a self-proclaimed Marxist as a White House environmental advisor. I’m not too sure about the intelligence of that decision.

• Barry appoints a Mao admirer as his Chief of Propaganda. Well, that one probably is pretty smart.

• Barry seems to be in lock step with Nancy the WW of the W Pelosi on killing unborn children. Now, nobody has ever accused Nancy of being smart. In fact, just the opposite is true. This is the same woman who recently stated that preventing babies from being born was good for the economy because we wouldn’t have to spend money taking care of them. Yea, she really said that. I guess she doesn’t understand that it was the high birth rate of the baby boom generation that fueled the incredible recent wave of consumer driven economic growth. That baby boomers drove the U.S. economy to historic levels of prosperity as their ranks moved through demographically predictable peak spending years. When asked yesterday about the Obalosi Health Care Plan’s provision to put people in jail if they do not buy health insurance, her reply was (and I quote), “I think the legislation is very fair in this respect.” That’s not taken out of context. That was her answer! She’s generally viewed as “dumb as a stump.” Does Barry pick up any “smart” points for agreeing with the WW of the W about anything? Probably not.

• OK, maybe there is some hope. Maybe it was smart to transfer billions of taxpayer dollars to a bankrupt AIG so they could fund their multi-million dollar management bonus program. Well, maybe not.

• Well, how about this one? Let’s get the auto producers to increase their productivity by purchasing them with taxpayer money and then transferring the companies to the unions while screwing the investors who extended credit to the cause. And while were at it, lets pass a law that makes it 100% guaranteed that all companies in America will be taken over by the unions. That oughta keep our manufacturing jobs from being shipped overseas. Maybe, not so smart.

• OK, let’s save the environment by creating a program that will give each citizen $4,500 toward an electric vehicle. Guess what a new golf cart cost?… $4,500. The retirees in Florida were finally happy with one of Barry’s policies! I’m sure free golf carts for everyone is really good for the golf cart manufacturers but do you reckon that was the intention of the program. Maybe it even “saved” a job over at the Club Car factory in Augusta, GA. Unfortunately, I don’t play much golf.

• Would a halfway intelligent person look at the way government is structured to ensure inefficiency in everything it touches and then use that inherently inefficient bureaucracy to take over and operate the most effective and innovative health care system in the world? I wonder if he is smart enough to have read and understood the 2,000 page Obalosi Care bill. Well, if he can read and understand every page of that Mama Hog, he would be pretty smart. I doubt that he’s read it. It is well known that he didn’t read the Obalosi Porkulous bill.

• When millions of average citizens march on their state capitals and Washington DC in protest of his policies while the opposition party wipes his guys off the map in mid-term elections – would a smart person connect the dots? I think so… Barry doesn’t. This is just astroturfing and tea bagging and is no reflection of his administration. Hmmm????

Is it time to re-print that bumper sticker… “a village in Illinois”?


28 10 2009

October 24th, 2009

The “O” show has gotta go!
And so do Specter, Collins and Snowe.

Here is the deal that most of my friends and neighbors seem to miss. I quiz them and they tell me they “don’t know.” The government is incapable of providing anything for free. The government must pay for things exactly like you and I. Since the government doesn’t have a job, they have 3 choices on acquiring the money to pay for those things you receive for free (and all three eventually come out of your pocket).

#1) Tax you more (or tax the rich since that seems to allow the politicians to hold onto votes).
#2) Borrow money from you and I or borrow money from foreign countries and investors (thereby passing the debt on to future generations or ruining the credit rating of our Federal Government – causing us to pay out the nose for future borrowing).
#3 Print more money (thereby weakening the dollar to a point where hyper inflation takes over)

Deficit spending results in one or more of these three options.

Civics 101

11 09 2009

September 11, 2009.

Every time I hear a Federal Politician say that they were sent to Washington to “solve problems” I want to scream.  The U.S. Federal Government was not established to solve our problems.  Did you know that all elected officials in the Federal Government (The President, The Senate, The House of Representatives and Federal Judges) take an oath of office upon entering the position to which they were elected or appointed?  Do you know what they swear to do?  Is it to solve problems? No!  To provide wealth redistribution? No!  To provide health care to every citizen? No!  To provide local infrastructure? No!

Every elected official to the U.S. Federal Government takes an oath to “DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”  That’s it.  THAT’S IT!!!

Do you have any idea what the Constitution of the United States was created to do?  It was created to authorize the federal government to provide for defense and national security, to facilitate interstate commerce, to establish foreign policy and to PROTECT THE FREEDOM of the citizens of the United States.  The U.S. Constitution explicitly assigns the job of problem solving to State and Local government.  If my local county needs a bridge, a museum, a school or a new road, it’s the responsibility of my county to tax its citizens and build a bridge, a museum, a school or a new road.  If that road or school is a state road or a state University, then it’s the state’s responsibility to collect taxes from its citizens and build that road and that University.  Why must the citizens of Idaho be responsible for building a new wing at the University of Georgia?  By the same token, why must my income be “legally plundered” away from my family and my community and used to fund an art show in New York City?

Now, some may ask “what about the Interstate Road System?  Isn’t that a Federally funded project?”  When Eisenhower decreed that we would build an Interstate Road System, its purpose was national defense (the rapid movement of troops.)  That’s why the Federal Government was involved in the building of an Interstate Road System (although the states were responsible for building and maintaining the portions that ran through their borders).  That’s Constitutional!  Slavery and civil legal rights were freedom issues. That’s why it was constitutional for the Federal Government to step in and end slavery and later, to force integration of schools and the workplace.

Please, please, please Federal Government – Please stop trying to solve our problems. You are the least equipped organization to solve problems because you are so dang inefficient at it and I think we can all agree that you have proven this over and over again.  Cut federal spending and taxes now.  Give us back our income and we will solve our own problems and have some extra left over contribute to local charities and to increase our local taxes for local problem solving.  PROTECT OUR FREEDOM!!!   And since the Federal Government is so inept at handling our money, cutting the money that flows through the Federal Government will actually make the dollar a much stronger currency on the world stage.  Let’s face it, the travesty of Federal deficits has pretty much relegated the United States to a second world country for the foreseeable future.  Rise up America and take this country back from the power-hungry (and money hungry) CLOWNS in Washington D.C..  We must rise up and say enough is enough!!!!!!!!

The problem is NOT that the Federal Government is trying to do too much too fast….

1 09 2009

Whoa, Nellie! Who dreamed up THIS little euphemism? All of a sudden, I’m hearing moderate and liberal journalist parroting this crock of sugar frosting (designed to keep the leftist, statist agenda alive for another day) – Here it is – “The Obama administration’s approval ratings are plummeting because he is trying to do too much too fast.” (spin-a-dee-doo-dah, spin-a-dee-day)

That’s bull hockey, my friends! If these pundits are suggesting that the American people are upset about having HORRIBLE statist “change” rushed through the legislative process and stuffed down our collective throats, you might argue that this is why the ratings are dropping. But if they are suggesting that we (the American people) want the destruction of freedom and the implementation of legal plunder and economic suicide to merely move along at a little slower pace – Well, God bless their little pea pickin’ brains. The American people don’t want this nonsense to slow down, we want it stopped and reversed!!!!! NOW

The growing majority of people who have been awakened by this misguided lightweight of a President understand that individual freedom, not legislatively sponsored plunder and power consolidation, is the secret to the economic miracle called the United States and we want this dangerous dance toward centralized planning and Federal control to stop now (NOW). Let’s all understand something. We are not awed by this young man who has managed to get himself elected President with a good marketing campaign selling vague and misrepresented concepts (against a pathetic opposition ticket). He’s just a “guy” that happens to be a pretty good B.S. artist and does a pretty good job of spinning lies to make them sound like something cool. Apparently, one of his other qualifications is his appetite to eat the socialist utopian dog food served up by Bill Ayers in some late night bar booth session. But this crapola about him being so stinkin’ brilliant? Why does he have so much trouble understanding the inherent failures of socialism. Even if he’s not quite sharp enough to understand on his own, he could just look at history, for cryin’ out loud.

There are 300 million of us. He’s just one guy with a bad, un-thought out, personal agenda. We WILL dismiss him in 2012. It’s really that simple.

This reminds me of the pigs in the novel Animal Farm

20 08 2009

Looks like the Pernicious Pundits of Progressive Poppycock were caught a bit off guard by the “ire” coming at them by a growing majority of the American people. It’s amazing how comical “desperation speak” comes across when the pundit is delivering her invective with a wagging head and a sarcastic smirk. (Now, don’t do that… don’t assume I’m talking about Ms. Maddow. You don’t know that!)
Ezra Klein, the economic and domestic policy wunderkind at The Washington Post, finds the ire somewhat misplaced. He wrote in a Tuesday morning blog post titled, “The Liberal Revolt”:

“Monday was the day of the liberal revolt on health-care reform. … What’s been striking, however, is the implicit argument that this is somehow a simple failure of liberal will. … The unifying idea here is that someone can just go into a back room and torture (the Senate Finance Committee’s) Max Baucus and Kent Conrad. But how? … Health-care reform is not a negotiation. It’s a campaign. … Winning it will require persuading the key votes to change their mind, either by offering them other inducements in the bill or applying direct and aggressive political pressure (identifying a lot of viable primary challengers and creating a credible promise of funds, for instance). Trying to say ‘no’ for longer than they can will simply result in reformers losing everything they want, and opponents getting exactly what they demanded.

So, Let me get this straight… Mr. Ezra is not interested in representative government. After all, “Health-care reform is not a negotiation. It’s a campaign” that must be WON AT ALL COST. Here’s an idea, let’s just resort to Washington politics as usual – blackmail, bribery and threats to get what we want… to heck with the American taxpayers. Get Harry (Mr. Freeze) Reid and Nancy (the Wicked Witch of the West) Pelosi to break some kneecaps with a lead pipe in a back alley and that should take care of these pesky idiots that want to listen to the people. After all, the only thing that matters is what WE (the liberal elite) want! The American people are too stupid to know what’s good for them anyway. WE (the liberal elite) know what’s best for them (and our consolidation of power). By the way, when someone says that you people are too stupid to know what you want so we’ll tell you what you need based on what we want… well, that kinda sounds like the basis of socialism, doesn’t it? I had a socialist room-mate in college that used to say this all the time.

Rachel Maddow – MSNBC Liberal extremist talk show host:

“When you have a weekend like that, it’s no real surprise when Monday turns out to be a great day for health insurance stock prices. … We got here through a collapse of political ambition, and the resultant downgrading of expectations for this once-in-a-lifetime, stars-aligned political shot at fixing this system …Why is the public option dying now? It’s dying because of a collapse of political ambition. The Democrats are too scared of their own shadow to use the majority the American people elected them to in November to actually pass something they said they favored.”)

Hey Rachel, did it ever occur to you that “the majority of the American people” who “elected them in November to actually pass something they said they favored” had no idea that this was the “Change” they were suppose to believe in? I would venture to say that this majority had other reasons to vote for Mr. Obama. Here are a few of the groups and my suggestion of what drove their support for the O man:

•The hordes of young people, of which my own kids were a part of, thought Barack was really cool and this John McCain guy was old and friends with George W. Bush.

•The anti-war crowd wanted out of Iraq.

African-Americans, who voted in record numbers, finally felt like there was “hope”.

The independents thought Bush was an idiot and McCain looked too much like Bush.

•Obama was a mesmerizing speech maker and Oprah and her disciples worshiped him like a God.

Latinos thought this was their best chance for an amnesty program.

Gays thought he was their best shot at Gay Marriage and to get rid of that ridiculous “don’t ask, don’t tell” crapola.

Unions would get to line their ever more greedy pockets with power and money.

The abortion rights activist had that iron clad promise “the first thing I do when I’m elected is to sign The Freedom of Choice Act.” (Which appears to be the only campaign promise he’s kept except his promise to attempt a government takeover of the health care industry).

The welfare crowd was sure he would reverse that awful Clinton Welfare Reform nonsense.

Hollywood was all ga ga over him, so he MUST be the best Presidential candidate for the “People Magazine” crowd. After all, Brittany Spears and George Clooney had done their due diligence and gave him the thumbs up.

Conservatives stayed home in mass because John McCain and Sarah Palin were quite possibly the worst nominations in the history of the Republican Party.

•Etc, etc, etc

So, are we now claiming a referendum on the government’s takeover of Health Care? (Yea, I know that’s not actually in the bill but it’s not a big stretch to see us headed in that direction down the road when shortages of medical resources manifest themselves) I doubt that 50+ percent of the electorate went to the polls and said “Hey, let’s elect this guy so he can create a Government Health Insurance Company” and run up deficits that will bankrupt our country while being forced to ration health care. I doubt that even 5% went to the polls with that in mind. I really doubt it. I watch you all the time, Rachel. I am always amazed at how you take liberties with the facts to spin your cutsie, head wagging, sarcastic, diatribes against anyone who would stand in the path of your sanctimonious plans to mold the world to YOUR liking. Instead of laying out cogent arguments about the issues, you usually just make fun of those on your enemy list with mean words meant to embarrass and discredit. But at least you’re very entertaining and I love your show.

Ho Hum… same ole, same ole in Washington, DC.